Executive chef Adam Mott discusses reopening and exciting new menu additions


Executive chef Adam Mott can’t wait for guests to try their new dishes when they revisit their local Middletons restaurant after being closed for nearly 15 weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Restaurants in Chelmsford, Milton Keynes, King’s Lynn, Norwich, Peterborough and Colchester will reopen their doors on July 4th and Mott has revealed the planning that has gone on to ensure they’re back with a bang. 

“I’m very excited that we’ll be opening again on July 4.” Mott explained: “We’ve been in contact with our team of chefs and our front of house teams at all the restaurants during lockdown, preparing for when we could reopen and we’re raring to go now. 

“We really thrive off of our guests, who create such a great atmosphere and it will be great to experience that once again.”

He has also reiterated the importance of keeping diners safe as the UK returns to some form of normality as lockdown measures are being eased: “We already run a very clean and sterile environment in our restaurants, but coronavirus is a new virus that we have had to adapt to. 

“Middletons staff have always maintained high standards of hygiene across the premises, and are now going above and beyond to heighten these standards in light of Covid-19.

“With regards to social distancing, our staff will be following the guidelines advised by the government, and by what Environmental Health have advised to ensure guests are served a safe plate of food in a safe environment.” 

Mott who has been in his current position for the past eight years also revealed how he and his group of chefs have further enhanced their glowing menu after receiving some requests from guests.

Dark chocolate and caramel salted tart – one of the new delicious desserts on the new menu

He revealed: “Myself and the other chefs have been using the lockdown period to play and create the dishes that have been added to the new menu. The lockdown was good for us from a development standpoint to have the time to perfect the new dishes before they were added to the menu.

“We always listen to our guests and there are dishes that we’ve brought back onto the menu by popular request from our guests. 

“We’re very much about making Middletons for our guests, it’s their experience and there’s dishes and products on the new menu that the guests really enjoy, so we’ve brought a few classic dishes back onto the menu.

“We’ve got some classic desserts added too, that we’ve trialled over the years, such as our chocolate tart which was a big favourite when it was on there before. 

“On top of the dishes we’ve brought back, we’ve also got a new macaroni and cheese side to accompany our steaks.”

But it’s not just meat eaters that he and his team have been using their expert knowledge to create new and flavoursome options. They have also been working on several vegan meals, including the Beyond Burger, which they hope will prove to be a real success to those who do not wish to eat meat.  

Middletons is ensuring the customers’ safety is paramount and is taking a number of steps to create a fun and safe dining experience. 

On top of the UK government guidelines upon the reopening of restaurants in England, Middletons are briefing all members of staff to ensure extra precautions are undertaken to protect their staff and diners.